Trusted by the World's leading T&S, HR, and Corporate Comms teams

Our AI empowers you to make better decisions, by understanding and distilling the emotional data in your community

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You are in full control of our tech for good AI, that understands emotions


We support Fortune 500 Internal Comms and HR leads.

Our plug-and-play AI SaaS helps them create safer engaging work environments. Unlock and see the emotions across your entire company in a single intuitive dashboard with actions (eg Slack, MS Teams, intranet, emails).

Our Emotion AI can show you the mood of your team members in real-time, as well as catch any toxicity in the workplace and put HR on the front foot.



We support the World's biggest sports clubs, top 5 Premier League clubs, esports, and leading social media platforms.

Clients use our AI both in their own platforms, as well as plugging into their social channels, to take their content moderation beyond the competition, by identifying the emotions behind messages to successfully identify and prevent even more toxicity. Our tools and dynamic dashboard reporting put your T&S team in the driving seat to help you create safer digital environments for your community and support positive mental well-being.



Our white-labeled solution is used by leading household names in tech.

Content moderation is big business. Now you can add it to your product suite in <72hrs with our tailor-made solution.

Our AI outperforms others in the market and our partners love we've been at the forefront of AI moderation for the past 12 years (even before it was fashionable). Book a call to see for yourself why others use GoBubble in their stack to delight their customers and save development time.


Coming soon: the GoBubble Foundation

Our AI legacy comes from supporting kids, schools, and parents from bullying, abuse, and toxicity online. Coming soon, we're unveiling our own Foundation to bring our cutting-edge AI to the most vulnerable in society for free. We provide 10% of all revenue towards funding our Foundation to enable free access to our AI for kids and schools globally.