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October marks European Cybersecurity Month and Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the USA, during which the GoBubble team will join with clients across the globe to raise awareness and share insights about staying safer online.

GoBubble Co-Founder and Innovation Lead, Henry Platten, an ex-Police Sergeant and now global award-winning digital safeguarding specialist, and Safeguarding Advisor to the Global Esports Federation, shared a few words about the work we’re doing to reduce the level of online abuse and threat globally.

“The unprecedented rise in online hate since the pandemic has created an urgent need to protect the human component of cyberspace. With that comes shared responsibility, whether for individuals, families, or employers, for staying safer online. 

Our world has seen an alarming and seemingly relentless, increase in toxic and offensive content appearing online across all areas of society and within multiple sectors; most notably in sport, entertainment, business, and politics. At GoBubble our mission is to reduce the level of online abuse and threat globally and our tolerance for it; and to create safer, kinder, healthier digital communities through artificial intelligence.

We’re already doing this with global partners in sport, healthcare, and business, using our cutting-edge Emotion AI content moderation technology to empower individuals and organisations to choose the content that appears on their social channels, and by blocking online hate as well as phishing and illegal streams. 

Our market-leading technology enables our client community to protect their reputation, shield them from online abuse and bullying, and build digital spaces that enshrine the positive but continue to invite powerful and engaging debate. 

We all deserve to feel safer online, and artificial intelligence provides us with the opportunity to shape our future as a society, by transforming our digital lives and changing the way we interact with each other.”

(Ofcom data shows that a third of people feel the risks of being online, either to them or their children, have started to outweigh the benefits and four in five adult internet users have concerns about going online)



European Cyber Security Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month