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GoBubble head to the Global Esports Games 2022 in Istanbul

This week GoBubble Go-Founder and Digital Safeguarding Advisor to the Global Esports Federation, Henry Platten, will be joining the GEF team at the Global Esports Games in Istanbul, an event that will see athletes from more than 80 countries and territories competing for glory.

We’re so proud to be working closely with the Global Esports Federation, as well as Esports digital communities and publishers who care about effective content moderation and are determined to tackle the global problem of toxicity within the gaming industry.

When it comes to Esports, community is everything. Our digital spaces should be welcoming and inclusive, a place where like-minds can interact globally and new connections can be made. 

Unfortunately we find that this isn’t always the case, and the world of gaming and esports can be rife with hate and bad actors who regularly post hate speech and toxic content, often putting off potential athletes and creators.

 A study by Preply found that 90% of gamers surveyed have experienced or witnessed emotional abuse or bullying while playing video games, and nearly 7/10 have considered quitting because of what they’ve witnessed. 

However, it’s fantastic to see positive steps being made such as Epic Games rolling out Cabined Accounts, a new type of Epic account that provides a tailored experience that's safer and more inclusive for younger players. 

And we’ve seen the leaders of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony making a collective commitment to ensuring their online spaces are free from hate and harassment, and safe for younger players.

At GoBubble we believe that the importance of content moderation is paramount for creating safer, healthier, and kinder digital communities.

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