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World Kindness Day - 13th November 2022


Today we celebrate World Kindness Day.

At GoBubble our mission is to make the internet safer, healthier, and kinder for all. 

We do so by helping organisations reduce the toxic content appearing on their platforms and social media feeds, that is impacting their reputation and well-being,  and building supportive and inclusive digital communities.

Kindness plays a significant role in the work we do. 

Our technology was developed initially with schools over several years to flag online abuse and bullying and reward positive online behaviour and kindness, positively impacting the well-being of more than 1 million young people across the globe. 

Rewarding kindness was an essential part of the process and was found to bring about lasting behaviour change in the classroom. Now using our own patent-pending Emotion AI we are working closely with clients in education, business, entertainment and sport to rewrite the rule book on online behaviour, with kindness as a key component. 

Within all sports and Esports, we work closely with top international teams to support them to silence the hate and build supportive and engaged online fan communities, where trolls and bullies are not welcome. 

Recently we talked to trans woman streamer, gamer and Commonwealth Gold Medallist for Northern Ireland, Emma ’Emzii’ Rose, who has suffered online abuse which exacerbated her mental health struggles, including depression. She believes in the power of a supportive online community and explains why turning off comments isn’t the answer.

“ I do understand why people turn the comments off because it's a crazy world, and people like to hide behind anonymity online and they feel they can post whatever they want, and there are no repercussions for them. 

It’s all funny to them and seems to make them feel better in some way. But sadly by turning comments off you cut out the people who want to be positive, and those who want to reach out to you. That’s why I don’t turn my comments off. Even though about 90% of my comments are hateful or abusive or not nice, to say the least, I do get a lot of comments saying thank you for doing this.

 I don't want to lose that connection with people. I want to be able to put myself out there and be not a role model exactly, because I always say I’m just an immature messer, but a friendly face to inspire others at least.” 

Positive digital communities can be a lifesaver, for so many. They offer a place to share, inform and educate, and support one another. Having safe digital spaces for people to freely express themselves and their identities should be championed. 

Through the use of our AI-led content moderation service, our clients have also seen a pattern of positive behaviour change from the authors of posts directed at them, who have often reviewed their comments and showed an understanding of why the content has been categorised as toxic, and hidden.

A supportive digital community can impact team morale and performance, staff and fan engagement, talent recruitment, and retention. By using our in-depth sentiment analysis and accessing deep insights into this online behaviour, clients can understand their teams and their audience, and the impact that promoting kindness online can have on both engagement and revenue. 

Contact Us to find out more about how we help organisations to build safer digital communities by amplifying positivity and rewarding kindness and to discover how we plan to positively transform the digital lives of more than 1 billion people by 2030.