Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy   

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This Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy applies to GoBubble Ltd. and any future direct and indirect subsidiaries.  The Board of Directors oversees management’s implementation of this policy. 

  • Encouraging adherence to these or similar principles by the Operators
  • Integrating the principles into GoBubble own strategic plans and business operations that are appropriate for its business model

    When conducting due diligence concerning new business opportunities, GoBubble considers whether potential investees or counterparties hold values and promote practices that align with this policy, including whether they meet the following standards:
    • Conduct their business and operations ethically, with integrity, transparency, and sound systems of corporate governance
    • Respect internationally recognized human rights, including those relating to children’s rights, child labor, human trafficking, slavery, and forced labor and who avoid complicity in human rights violations
    • Comply with applicable labor protection laws and adhere to international labor standards, such as those promulgated by the International Labor Organization relating to collective bargaining, forced labor, child labor, fair wages, and discrimination
    • Demonstrate controls to combat bribery and corruption, including by adopting and enforcing anti-corruption policies and procedures and maintaining a functioning grievance procedure
    • Commit to preserving and protecting the health, welfare, and safety of their employees
    • Commit to respecting the culture, customs, traditional livelihoods, and heritage of local communities and indigenous peoples, and encourage engagement, consultation, and collaboration with local communities and indigenous peoples


  • Commit to protecting the environment, including complying with (1) applicable environmental laws, regulations, and permits in all phases of exploration, development, construction, operations, reclamation, and closure work and (2) environmental management plans relating to water resources, waste management, pollution management, tailings management, biodiversity, and management of other project resources
  • Respect the right to sufficient, safe, accessible, and affordable water and commit to responsible use and efficient management of water resources
  • Support sustainable development of local communities through educational, health, industry, and other causes