Health check your social channels with a free community intelligence report today

This quick and comprehensive report uses our cutting-edge AI to cut through the noise and provide you with meaningful data about what your audience is saying about you.

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Insight and intelligence

Our Emotion AI provides in-depth sentiment analysis of your brand

Competitor analysis

Find out how you compare against your rivals and the best in your industry

A social MOT

We can score the level of toxicity and positivity across your social channels

We’re helping brands around the globe to create kinder, more supportive online communities and protect brand reputation

What's included?

Deep insights and analytics

Our cutting-edge AI can truly listen to your audience to tell you what staff and existing customers around the globe are saying about your brand

Complete confidentiality

We work with FTSE 100, Fintech, Social, Dating, Sports, Esports, and B2B organisations and offer complete confidentiality and data privacy

Turn the tables on toxicity

We can support you to turn the tables on toxicity and celebrate your true brand advocates

Working together

Our team can work with you to create a bespoke system of content moderation and detection that supports your brand’s goals and objectives