Your own AI powered content moderation tool

Imagine having your own AI powered content moderation and detection tool, plugging in seamlessly to your platform, app, or internal ecosystem, and helping to create a more positive experience for your community.

We support leading global companies to achieve just that. 

Our technology uses Emotion AI + UGB (user-generated behaviour) which removes the outdated requirement to use humans, or filtering, for moderating content and making crucial decisions on your brand’s behalf.

Your bespoke dashboard gives you real-time analytics so your HR team can focus on enhancing the company culture, not having to police your intranet.

Feature List

White glove service

Our turnkey SaaS gives you full control in just a few clicks.

A bespoke offering

Our machine learning adapts and develops to the way your community interacts with you and each other.

Deep analytics

Unlock the power of in-depth insights into the issues being prevented on your platform and for your brand.

AI powered decisions

We offer full scalability through our AI, protecting your community from online hate and toxicity 24/7.

Real time resolution

Our analysis can also support positive behaviour change in providing feedback to members.

Complete data privacy

All checks are anonymised to protect every member of your community.

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