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We’re helping leading global esports teams, players, and games publishers by shielding them from digital hate.

Clients love how easy it is to roll out our technology in minutes. No passwords, no emails, just plugging directly into their channels with just a few clicks.

Our AI works straight away to shield users from abusive content, improving their digital experience and supporting positive mental well-being.

Feature List

Option 1: Full AI mode

Full AI mode does all the heavy lifting based on your rules. Working in a millionth of a second, it can identify and resolve issues with up to 99.6% accuracy, freeing your community managers to focus on enhancing engagement and the user experience.

Option 2: human-centered mode

Our human-centered mode means your QA teams get to actively curate the culture you wish your community to be part of, focusing on the priorities, amplifying the positive, and unlocking deep valuable business intelligence.

Full transparency

We care about giving you the business intelligence you need to demonstrate the impact of our intervention, including how it can positively save you money and increase revenue opportunities. See the analytics and even the results of our AI’s intervention in muting hate in real-time.

Bespoke in-game experience

Rocket League and COD couldn't be more different. Our AI adapts to the in-game play and natural content between gamers. You have total control to achieve the community you wish - meeting business objectives, and all in a non-invasive way.

Realtime resolution

Clients leave other providers and come to us, as they love our AI is fully customised to them, and the immediate response in finding and resolving issues. Our gaming and safeguarding pedigree stands us apart as best-in-class

Reducing toxicity everywhere

Supporting games publishers, tournament hosts, and esports teams, our AI can help to create a more positive community in your channels - which can only be great for business (please enquire re plug-ins for Discord and Twitch).

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