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We’re helping leading global sports teams, players, and brands by shielding them from digital hate. Clients love how easy it is to rollout in minutes. No passwords, no emails, just plugging directly into social media with a single click. Our AI works straight away to shield users from abusive content, improving their digital experience and supporting positive mental wellbeing.

Feature List

White glove service

We do everything for you, so all you and your players need to do is click a single button to start.

Bespoke to your needs

Our Ml learns how you want your community to interact with you, and is tailored to your goals.

Full transparency

See the analytics and even the results of our AI’s intervention in muting hate.

AI powered decisions

Fast, consistent, reliable. Let our AI deliver you measurable results… not teams of outsourced humans.

Realtime resolution

Clients rate us over other solutions because of the immediate response in finding and resolving issues.

Improve toxicity scoring

Our AI can help to create a more positive community in your social channels - which is great for business.

Our Statistics

The figures tell the story!


AI efficiency


Worst flagged hate messages stopped


Hours saved

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