Helping you to protect your kids online

GoBubble Family takes the stress and worry out of being a digital parent. Running seamlessly on your child’s social accounts, the AI can find harmful messages sent to them and stop your child from seeing them. You also get full transparency in an easy to use dashboard, showing you the issues stopped.

Feature List

Tailored to you

Choose the content to automatically hide.

Ready in 4 clicks

Easily set controls for your family's accounts.

Working for you 24/7

We provide a lightning fast service thanks to our World Class technology.

Preserving wellbeing

Shielding loved ones at all times to ensure they are safe and secure

Privacy First

No access to direct message or personal data

Text and emoji detection

Our system examines the context and behaviour of the message

Reserve your early access

GoBubble Family is currently in beta and being launched very soon. If you’d like early VIP access and to be notified of updates (including when it’s fully launched) please fill in the VIP reservation card.

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