Show how much you value your staff and customers

Your staff and customers are facing a cyber pandemic.  Bad actors are seeking out staff online, directing their anger at the organization and its team members (from the boardroom to customer service support).

Our Freedom App can protect every member of your staff and your customers by putting our cutting-edge Emotion AI in their hands, giving them the practical tools to silence hate directed at them online. You + our technology = positively changing lives.

Feature List

Tailored to you

Choose the content you want to automatically hide.

Set up in 4 clicks

Easily set, personalised controls for your staff and customers.

Working for you 24/7

We provide a lightning fast service thanks to our world class technology.

Promoting emotional wellbeing

Shileidng your staff and customers at all times to ensure they are safe and secure.

Privacy first

We don’t require any access to direct messages, personal data or passwords.

Multimedia detection

Our system checks text, emoji, image and memes

Reserve your early access

GoBubble’s Freedom app is currently in beta and being launched soon. For VIP access and updates, please fill in the VIP reservation card.

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