Your secret weapon in combating toxicity in all sports

We are the proven global leader in shielding sports from the tidal wave of abuse on social media, freeing up your digital and content teams to focus on creating the best fan engagement content... not tackling racial abuse towards players or policing porn bots.


Our technology has gained Worldwide recognition. Clients leave other providers and choose our solution, as it covers all multimedia, and puts them in complete control. As we don't rely on keywords or context, it can produce far superior results with up to 99.6% accuracy. 


We understand the subtle nuance of sports and fan engagement/communication. Our AI can accurately respond to handle the positive outpouring of emotion (even with profanity if you wish) and let that through, however, distinguish it from passive-aggressive bullying of players with no profanity and mute that.

Feature List

Multimedia checks

We can also check images targeting your brand or players, including photoshopping

Dedicated sports AI

Pick your level based on your franchise culture

Spam and porn bots

Instantly stop illegal streaming, betting, or porn bots attacking your comments

Positive fan engagement

Shileidng your community at all times to help create the dream fan engagement you want for your franchise


AI trained to tackle all forms of hate, including anti semitism, in a millionth of a second

Key partner

Our team become an extension of your social and digital team with outstanding customer service

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