Our Emotion AI transforms digital lives

Next-generation content moderation and detection technology helping organisations around the globe to create kinder, more supportive online communities and protect their brand reputation.

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What we offer

Giving you the freedom to hear and protecting your…


Gain a deep understanding of your community, creating a more positive experience and protecting them from online hate and toxicity.

Our plug-and-play AI SaaS saves you valuable time, providing contextual analysis to prevent issues in real-time, covering multiple languages, text, emoji, photo, video and audio content.

We work with Esports, Gaming, Social, Dating, Sports and B2B platforms.

GoBubble Enterprise


Reduce toxicity across your social channels and protect your staff from online abuse.

Our global market leading AI enables you to listen closely to your online community. Providing deep insights and analytics about what your customers and staff are saying about your brand or organisation.

Saving you valuable time and resource, and supporting you to meet your company’s goals and objectives.

We work with FTSE 500 companies, global brands, and sports associations.

GoBubble Freedom2Hear


Create safer digital work environments for your staff, and kinder communities for your customers by supporting their positive mental well-being online.

Show you care about protecting them from exposure to online hate, by putting our cutting-edge Emotion AI in their hands.

Our wellbeing app can be branded to your company and give them a single-click solution.

GoBubble Freedom

Giving you the freedom to hear

We believe in freedom of speech.

Our technology gives you the power to decide if you want to see or hear the toxicity being directed at you on social media, protecting your brand, and driving positive and authentic engagement online.

Global experts in digital safeguarding

Our multi-award winning team includes international leaders in trust and safety as well as ex-law enforcement, with 50 years combined experience in protecting digital communities.